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Magnetic switch for wireless alarm system. The magnetic switch is mounted on door or window frames and warns of unwanted intrusion or can also function as a transmitter for wired equipment.

Smart small magnetic switch for wireless alarm systems

How the magnetic switch works

The magnetic switch is mounted on door or window frames and warns of unwanted intrusion.

When the distance between the two parts of the magnetic switch becomes more than 2.5 cm, an alarm signal is sent to the control panel, which then activates any siren and simultaneously sends an SMS to the coded phone numbers about the alarm in the zone in question.

The switch is encoded with a unique code, which ensures that the signal between the parts of the magnetic switch cannot be replaced in an attempt at vandalism. It also has a vandalism protection, so that it cannot be immediately removed from the frame without an alarm being triggered.

Additional use option - entrance to wired equipment

The magnetic switch has 1 input for external wired equipment. Here, the magnetic switch will act as a transmitter and turn wired equipment into wireless. For example, you can connect our surface mounted magnetic switch (item no. 2000.1027). NOTE if you use the input of the magnetic switch, it only works as a transmitter. It cannot simultaneously function as a magnetic contact.

The magnetic switch requires 1 pc. 3V lithium battery (supplied).

The device measures

  • Magnet: H 74.5 x W 13.5 x D 18.8 mm.
  • Main unit: H 81 x W 32 x D 25 mm.


Guide to programming and setting up the zone

Instructions (English)

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