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Model: 20000500
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Alarm panel with touch control panel, 32 wireless and 8 wired zones in 868MHz. This solution can be used for your home, holiday homes and workplaces with and without a landline telephone.

Secure your home or workplace with this alarm in 868MHz. New model that can do much more than our SSI 400.

The control panel is an SSI 500 with touch keyboard. It is a smart, wireless hybrid alarm with a built-in GSM module. It is possible to connect 32 wireless devices (it has 8 wired zones, but you have to be a little creative and make a hole in the bracket at the back). A zone can be one or more room detectors or switches on doors or windows. There is a technician code, as well as the possibility of up to 16 different user codes.

The package contains

  • 1 piece. power supply, 15 V, 2 A
  • 1 piece. GSM antenna


  • The battery life of the devices is approx. 2 years.
  • Place the detector so that cats cannot jump up into the detector field.
  • Remember that there must NOT be power on the switchboard when the SIM card is inserted or removed (the rechargeable battery must also be switched off).

Operation of the alarm

Guidance in relation to programming and functions takes place via Danish voice, and calls and text messages from the alarm are also in Danish.

It is possible to write an SMS message to the alarm's telephone number and switch the alarm on or off. The reaction time is only approx. 2-3 seconds!

As something new since the SSI 400 alarm, this model can call both the control center and private number at the same time.

The alarm can ring and send text messages to up to 4 recipients. Should the alarm be triggered, all recipients/encoded phone numbers will receive an SMS and a call. They will then have the option to turn off the alarm via their phone. It is also possible to call the alarm and get a status from the system during the day while on the move. In the event of a power failure, all recipients/encoded telephone numbers also receive an SMS.

The device has a built-in telephone transmitter for PSTN (landline telephone line) and GSM transmitter. This solution can therefore be used by homes and workplaces with and without landlines. If you choose to have the system connected to the GSM network, you can also use our free app for Android and IPhone. Via this app, you can ask about the status, activate and deactivate the alarm and control night activation, thus sensors in selected areas, e.g. bedroom, children's rooms and hallway are inactive, while the rest of the house is secured. That way, you can go to the toilet at night without first having to switch off the alarm.

We have also created a manual for how to use the various apps. You will find the manuals here:

Android iPhone iPhone 1

Note: For wired sensors, a voltage regulator item no. 2000.0258 and battery backup module item no. 2000.1018.

NOTE: Does not work together with an Oister subscription.

Click here to download a Danish manual

SIM card guide, the alarm must have the battery and adapter switched off before insertion - see the link more about the alarm for more.

Manual - connection of the siren with external backup supply

Manual - connection of the siren with relay and voltage reducer

Manual - connection of wired detectors 2000.1470

Check antenna signal via menu

(remember to program the output to the siren first)

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