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Model: 27000411
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Repeater for wireless SSI 400 alarm. For extending the wireless signal up to 30-50 meters.

Smart signal amplifier for wireless alarm. For extending the wireless signal up to 30-50 meters.

Used in cases where there is a long distance from the detectors to the main system itself or, if there is e.g. are thick concrete walls between the wireless units and the main alarm system.

The unit measures: L 167 x W 112 x H 40 mm.

For programming: Watch our video at the top of the page.

The parts that must run over the repeater must be programmed into both the alarm and then into the repeater.

  • Power up the repeater
  • Turn on/off on repeater
  • Press SAVETX and TAMP at the same time

At the same time, the wireless device to be inserted is activated. As soon as there is a beep from the repeater, release SAVETX & TAMP (if there are other wireless devices with battery nearby and they send a signal at the same time, they will also be entered).

After programming, open the repeater and remove the jumper, it is the black one next to the round buzzer, otherwise it will stand and beep in between.

The jumper must only be on during programming so that you can hear the sound.

When placing the repeater, it must be closer to the alarm, as it can cover a longer distance from the repeater to the wireless device.

Manual (English)

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