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PIR outdoors, rain and dust tight, must see both movement and heat before alarming. Pet customs clearance up to 36kg.

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Discontinued product, no longer listed in the Svane Electronics webshop. Manuals, guides and information are still available. Call 70 25 30 10 and hear more about what we can offer instead.

This detector is suitable for outdoor mounting. It is sealed with a rubber strip and the screw terminals are accessible via a flap on the back precisely to prevent insects from entering the housing.

The detector is equipped with a lens that allows animals up to 36 kg. to pass without alarm. The microwave intensity can be adjusted and the relay can be set up for either NC or NO contact sets. In addition, the PIR element can be set to alarm with one or two activations for the alarm.

There is a tamper switch for both wall and lid.

Unit measures

  • Size : W 87x H 176x D 55mm/82 (rain shade)

The detector must be placed in approx. 2.2 meters high and reacts best when walking across the detection area.

  • Green LED = PIR element active.
  • Yellow LED =Radar active (movement) - remember radar is particularly sensitive to metal (can respond to cars or other things at a distance of more than 20 metres).
  • Red LED = ALARM.

The detector is functional after a warm-up time of 1 min. (during this period the LED indicators will flash). The lens provides a coverage of 12 x 12 meters and has a dispersion of 110 degrees.

ATTENTION! Do not place in direct sunlight or near a ventilation duct (rapid temperature change). The slope of the detector must not exceed +/-10 degrees slope. For the sake of the radar element, it is not recommended to mount the detector in front of large metal detectors.

Manual (UK)

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