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Intelligent MW/PIR motion detector for outdoor installation.

MW/PIR motion sensor for wired alarm systems. This sensor can advantageously be mounted outdoors, as it is waterproof and is functional at a working temperature of between -10 and 50 degrees Celsius.

The sensor comes with three different lenses; wide angle lens, long distance lens and a fence lens, ideal for corridors or narrow passages. The detection range of the sensor varies from 15 to 23 meters, depending on which lens is used.

The sensor is pet-tolerant, as the sensor is set to ignore smaller animals up to 20 kg. This means that animals, such as cats, foxes and small dogs, do not trigger false alarms. The sensor is therefore also usable for securing both indoor and outdoor areas, where e.g. livestock will roam freely.

The device has an LED indicator that shows whether movement is detected. This function can be easily turned off/on if desired. The sensor also has a vandalism protection, so that it cannot be immediately removed without triggering the alarm. It also has an anti-mask function, which means that should a burglar try to cover the sensor, the alarm will be triggered.

Can also be used together with DVR machines, so that only the real events are saved. Camera can only record automatically based on light changes, instead of just a real movement.

The ideal mounting height for the sensor is 2.0 - 2.4 m. It must not be mounted so that the detector is directed towards metal walls, direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators. These things increase the risk of false alarms.

The sensor requires a 9-16V DC 65 mA power supply.

The device measures

  • H 220 x W 110 x D 120 mm.
  • The mounting bracket measures: H 95 x W 85 x 65 mm.

Instructions (English)

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