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Model: 20009430
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Wired fire detector that warns of excessive temperature. The detector is for interior use and ceiling mounting.

The detector's temperature gauge sits under the specially designed shell, which aims to protect the detector's measuring unit without restricting the air inflow and thus the unit's ability to read the air temperature.

The fire detector activates the alarm and warns you if the temperature rises above 57 o C. If the detector triggers the alarm, the device's two LED indicators will light up red.

The detector is easy to mount as it has a separate mounting plate. The detector and mounting plate are separated by turning the mounting plate to the left relative to the detector base.

NOTE: It is recommended to fit a combination of fire detectors and smoke detectors for extra protection. Fire detectors should not replace smoke detectors in the bedrooms or in the corridor outside the Bedrooms. But a fire detector can be used with advantage in a kitchen, laundry room, garage, or in the attic, where smoke alarms should not be installed.

The detector should not be set up near windows or heat sources, such as a radiator or electronics that emit heat when in use (e.g. a fax machine). These things can "confuse" the detector and thus increase the risk of false alarms.


  • This device is a 4-wire base terminal
  • 1: +, 2: -, 3: COM and 4: NC/NO.
  • Two screws, two rawplugs and an English manual are included with the fire detector.

The device measures

  • Ø 100 x H 52 mm
  • Ø 100 x H 52 mm

Manual (UK)

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