Door interface w/memory

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Model: 25005202
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Unmounted door interface with memory for access control systems.

Door interface with memory function intended for use with DBM 5-6000.


The unit is delivered as a printed circuit board - not fitted box.


If the print is to be mounted in a box with a power supply, we recommend power supply item no. 2000.3191. Remember to also choose 4 print holders (item no. 2000.8228) and 1 pc. 2 pole Stocko plug (item no. 4017.1001).


The unit measures: H 81 x W 103 x D 18 mm.




Assembly for reader interface 2500.1715


See box combinations

The connector on the right of the printed circuit board is the AUX input and output.

From left to right (flat cable)

+12v,AL,+12VOut3,+12v,PreAl,Out1,Out2,Gnd,In4,Gnd,In3,Gnd,In2,Gnd,In1 (the last one is usually the red wire)


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