Bolt lock 12V locked with power for mounting YB-500ILED

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Model: 28000117
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Bolt lock for mounting on the outside of the door frame. This lock disengages when the power is interrupted. The lock has an LED indicator that shows whether the bolt is in the locked position or open.


Bolt lock for mounting on the outside of the door frame. With this lock, in other words, it is not necessary to cut a hole in the door and door frame for the bolt lock. The lock can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The lock will be unlocked if/when the power is interrupted. The door locks automatically 6 seconds after the door is closed. If you want to open the door, the lock must be switched off via the access control system, code keypad or expression button.

The door cannot be left unlocked, but the lock can be set via an access control system such as the SSI 3000 so that the door remains unlocked for a selected period of time.

Another option is to use our code keyboard (item no. 2000.1615). Via the code keypad, you can either open the door via a code and the door will automatically lock after it is closed, or you can enter another code, after which the door will be unlocked until you lock it again.

Upon installation, the lock can be set to have a timed delayed locking of 3, 6 or 9 seconds. No delay has been set for delivery.

The control panel will receive a message that the bolt has been fired. It does not report that the door is correctly closed and locked. The bolt lock has a tolerance of 1 cm, i.e. that the door can be stuck. The distance between the two parts of the lock must be max. be 8 mm for the bolt lock to lock correctly.

The bolt lock has an LED indicator, which is located on the same side as the scour holes and the dip switch. When the indicator lights up red when the bolt is retracted and green when the bolt is pushed out into the locking position. NB. if the cover plate is installed, the LED indicator will be hidden.

  • The lock requires a 12VDC power supply.
  • Spending:
  • Impulse: 880 mA.
  • Constant: 130 mA.

The 2 parts of the lock are the same size and measure:
L 150 x W 25 x D 37 mm.
Bolt: 17 mm x ø 12 mm, in stainless steel.

NOTE: Not suitable for outdoor use


If necessary, use stainless cover plates (Item no. 2800.0119) to achieve a nicer finish where the screw holes and the dip switch are covered. These are not included and cannot be purchased separately. NB the cover plate will also cover the LED indicator, as there is no hole in the plate. See the "We also recommend" box below.

Installation instructions

  • Red: +12V
  • Black: 0V (minus)
  • Orange: Open (push button) connect to minus to unlock.
  • Green: NO (Normal open)
  • White: COM (connects control panel)
  • Green and white are connected when the door is closed - regardless of whether the bolt is out or in.

NB! Correction to guidance

Open contact: connect black and orange - NOT red and orange.

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