AHD 80p DVR recorder with 16 channels

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AHD DVR records with 16 channels.

This DVR can be used in connection with old analogue cameras, 720p/1080p AHD cameras AND network cameras (ONVIF>2.0), this means that you can future-proof your surveillance equipment with the DVR machine. There are both VGA and HDMI output for monitor or TV and this makes it easy to connect and access the setup.

The advantage of a DVR over an NVR (network hard drive) is that you can access the settings directly via the monitor and not via a website. Furthermore, there is nothing you have to set up in the camera to get the image on the screen, when the cable is connected there will be an image - even if you have used long cables. Network cameras usually have a maximum cable length of 90 meters (you can extend it via a switch or other equipment).

Once the DVR machine is on the network, you can use a simple guide to connect via your smartphone/tablet/mac/PC. It is possible to connect directly via the cloud and it is also possible to make the connection manually via port forward/virtual server/port redirection.

The cables used for analogue cameras and AHD cameras are of the coaxial type and the network-based cameras can be switched on via the network - wired or wireless.

Main points

  • H.264 High Profile Compression, 16CH 1080P/ 720P
  • Support Dual stream (Main stream for local storage, sub-stream for network transmission)
  • Support Cloud service, P2P function, easy to do remote control
  • Support Mobile phone view (Android iPhone iPad Blackberry Windows Mobile)
  • Support Multi-browser, including Windows IEFirefoxChromeSafari
  • CMS Software Supported

Manual DK

Specifications UK

cd.gif CD (covers 4-16 channel machines)

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