Wireless alarm SSI 300 without GSM module

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Model: 20000300
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Complete 433 MHz alarm package with control panel, sensors and magnetic switches and remote controls. GSM module or GSM antenna are not included.

Secure your home or workplace with this complete alarm package.

The control panel an SSI 300, which is a smart wireless 433 MHz hybrid alarm. The control panel has a built-in telephone transmitter for PSTN (landline telephone line). It has 8 wired zones and the option to connect 32 wireless devices. A zone can be one or more room detectors or switches on doors or windows. We recommend having a room detector per zone.

Additionally contains alarm package

  • 2 pcs. wireless sensors
  • 1 piece. wireless magnetic switch
  • 3 pieces. remote controls for operating the alarm (up to 8 remote controls can be connected)
  • 4 pcs. self-adhesive signs SSI alarm
  • 1 piece. Danish manual


  • This package is without GSM module and GSM antenna. For package with GSM module see 2000.0450
  • The battery life of the devices is approx. 2 years.

Operation of the alarm

Guidance in relation to programming and functions takes place via Danish voice, and calls from the alarm are also in Danish. The device can also be supplied with English speaking if this is preferred.

User Manual

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