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Pet-tolerant motion sensor with LED indicator and lid tamper

Be alerted of unwanted visitors with this smart motion sensor.

The sensor is a pet-tolerant motion sensor that can ignore pets up to 20 kg. It is the ideal solution for homes that want their pets to roam freely, even if the alarm is armed.

On the front of the sensor, above the lens, there is a wide LED indicator which lights up when movement is detected and the alarm is activated.
It is possible to set the sensor to activate the alarm when it detects 1, 2 or 3 movements.

The sensor has a built-in vandalism protection, so that it cannot be immediately removed or disassembled without triggering the alarm.

The range of the detector is 8 x 8 m. (90 o ).


It is recommended to mount the detector directly on the wall at a height of 2.0-2.4 meters in one of the corners of the room. If you want it to be pet-tolerant, it must be installed at an upward 15 o angle, so that the pet can move on the floor without triggering the alarm. It should not be set up near windows or heat sources, such as a radiator or electronics that emit heat when in use (e.g. a fax machine). These things can "confuse" the detector and thus increase the risk of false alarms.


  • H; 89 x W: 52 x D 39 mm.
  • Consumption: 12mA
  • Contact set: 2 pcs. NC (max. 24Vdc/100mA) - alarm and sabotage
  • Voltage: 9-16VDC
  • Temperature range -5 to +50C

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