Universal timer 18 functions 24 volts

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Multifunction timer with display and 18 different functions. For example 0.1 second to approx. 270 hours, automatic or manual activation or ON/OFF KIP function. Operation 24VDC, one switch set - 10A relay output. Activation with plus 24V.

Multifunction/universal timer that can be used for many different purposes (plus activated).


The multifunction timer can be programmed to run 1 out of 18 different functions. The timer is for 12VDC operation, and has a contact set with 10A relay output.


The timer is easy to operate as it is equipped with:

  • Four digit digital display. It is possible to turn off the display to save power.
  • A red diode that lights up when the timer is connected to power.
  • Five blue diodes; one that lights up when the relay pulls and four diodes that indicate which setting function is being programmed or that runs when the relay is activated and the selected function is running.
  • Two screw terminals; The left screw terminal has terminals for: NO, COM and NO. The right screw terminal has terminals for: DC+, DC- and Input (CH1).




The timer can be used for all types of timer functions with single or double activation via times T1 & T2. Automatic start at function 1-8 at 24V connection of set times or start at 12V on CH1 at function 11-18.


Function 9 is ON/OFF when CH1 is activated and function 9 is activation as long as CH1 is activated (pulse function)



  • Multifunction timer with 4-digit display.
  • Choose between 1 out of 18 different functions, i.a. 0.01-99990 seconds activation or KIP function.
  • A switch set - 10A relay output.
  • Two screw terminals: 1: NO, COM and NO and 2: DC+, DC- and Input (CH1).
  • Activation with plus 24V.
  • Operation 24VDC.
  • Can be mounted in all types of boxes.


The device measures

  • Print: L 65 x W 40 x H 18 mm





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