Solid State Relay 480VAC 40A

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Model: 20002214
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Solid state relay 40A. Output switch from 24 to 480VAC. Activated with 3-32VDC on the input.

Solid state relay 24-480VAC 40A.

Input controlled voltage: 3-32VDC. This relay is contactless and therefore has a long operating time.

REMEMBER, as it is not a relay, the product develops heat, e.g. at 2000 watt consumption 230VAC, the relay becomes 50C hot. We therefore recommend that the relay be mounted on a metal surface and not in a closed plastic box.


  • L 55 x W 40 x D 25 mm.
  • Rated current load: 40A
  • Input voltage: 3-32VDC
  • Min on/off voltage: On > 2.4V, Off < 1.0V
  • Trigger: 7.5mA /12V
  • Output voltage: 24-480VAC
  • Voltage drop on output: 1.6V / 25° C
  • Leakage current on output: 5.0mA
  • Activation time: <10ms

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