Magnet Hold lock 70 kg for cupboards YM-70N-S

$42.12  Incl. VAT
( $33.70  Excl. VAT )
Model: 28000271
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Holding lock for doors and other furniture, with feedback.


This small holding lock is easy to install and comes with the advantage that you can get a message if the cupboard is locked. It can be connected to both 12 and 24 volts (300/150mA). Remember the rubber disc under the anchor plate - otherwise it will have difficulty holding on to anything.

The size is: 90x38.5x24.5mm the anchor plate is 33*75mm

At 12 volts

  • white/green to - / red/black to +

At 24 volts

  • green and black connect
  • - to white / red to +

U-mounts and LZ mounts can also be purchased, write to us if you need them.

Ventilation cabinet

See here an example of how super easy it can be installed.


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