Cabinet lock 24V with feedback

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Electric cabinet or drawer lock, for e.g. candy or medicine cabinets.





This cabinet lock can be installed in most wooden or metal cabinets, there are threads in the lock and the included bolts can thus be used for thin plate assembly.

The lock must be connected to 24 volts DC and has a consumption of 750mA.

When voltage is connected, the door/gate/cabinet door is pushed open, as long as there is voltage to the lock it will not be able to lock / grab the hook.

Suitable for parents with children suffering from Prader-Villis, Over the years we have solved several cases with this and other of our cupboard/drawer locks.

When the lock is de-energized, the shackle can be pushed into the lock and indicate with a click that it is locked. It works in the same way as with a car door, except that this lock also pushes the bar away when it is energized.


NOTE: the lock only needs one impulse to unlock, constant tension will damage the lock.


Wire colors

  • Red : +24V
  • Black: -24V
  • Yellow : C
  • Blue : NO / unlocked
  • Green : NC / locked


Note: There must only be current on the coil for 10 seconds (1 second is enough to release the lock).




Video where the feedback and the emergency opening are shown.






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