Relay 230VAC DIN rail

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Model: 20002226
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The relay is activated with 230VAC and has a 16 amp contact set.

This relay can e.g. is used to notify a GSM product that the landline/shore power has gone. In this way, you can receive a call or SMS via the contact set and voltage failure.

The coil sits on the terminals called COIL.

The relay (1 contact set) consists of C, NC and NO. So if it is to be connected to an alarm, you must use terminals C and NC and if it is for e.g. light, it must be C and NO.

The relay is de-energized, so if it e.g. must output +12 volts on NO, terminal C must be connected to fixed +12 volts.

  • The coil is for 230VAC
  • The contact set can be loaded with 16 amps and 230VAC

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