Solid State Relay 12V DIN rail contact set for 230VAC

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Model: 20002233
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Solid State Relay for 12V direct current with DIN socket, and 1 set of contacts for 230VAC

Load circuit: 1-phase 12 ... 275 VAC / 25 A or 24 ... 600 VAC / 35 A

Changeover contact: 1 NO contact (triac, zero voltage contact)

Nominal control voltage: 160 ... 240 V AC / DC

Nominal switching voltage: 12 ... 275 V AC

Continuous current: 17 A (AC51) at 40 ° C, 3.5 A (AC 53)

Connection via screw terminals, clamps for control voltage can be loosened

Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.5x90.5x115.4 mm

Relay for 12V - remember to use a diode (e.g. 1N4001-7) over the coil (the line towards plus).

The relay has a consumption of 130 mA. The contact set can be loaded with a maximum of 10 amps at 230 volts alternating current.

The relay has two contact sets NO/C/NC

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