Power supply module 12.0VDC 1.5A

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Model: 41000207
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Power supply 12.0VDC 1.5A module for battery backup. With potentiometer and 3 pole connector. Dimensions: H 80 x W 110 D 38 mm.

Power supply 12.0VDC 1.5A module.

The voltage can be adjusted, as the power supply is equipped with a potentiometer (located behind the plug - see video).
It has a jump of 3V = 10-13.3V. The power supply has a 12V outlet for peripheral equipment.

3 pole plug

  • Blue wire power failure 230V. 5V is output in the event of a power failure.
  • Black wire minus
  • Red wire Battery failure. 5V is output in case of battery failure (when the battery is below 9V). NOTE: The outlet for the peripheral equipment is interrupted and only comes back on when the unit receives 230V.

Battery cables red and black with spade plugs are not included, but can be purchased separately. The battery cables have item no. 4022.0017.

Dimensions: H 80 x W 110 D 38 mm.

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