Wired PIR sensor for above doors or windows

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Model: 20001492
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Elegant and compact wired sensor - for alarm or expression.

Wired detector in a nice triangular design.

The sensor can be used for a door pump, it can give a signal for opening either when you walk through the door (0 degrees) or when you approach the door (10 degrees). It can of course also just be used as an automatic expression for doors with electric locks.

It can be set to work as above (quick response) or for safe detection when used in conjunction with a burglar alarm. To change the angle of the lens, remove the drawer in the lid and turn the lens 180 degrees.

The device has a green LED indicator that shows whether movement is detected. There is a lid tamper circuit built into the unit. Detection range of up to approx. 6.6 meters in 2 different angles

  • Current: 9 - 16V DC or 20 - 27V DC (normally with jumper = 12 volts - without 24 volts)
  • Installation height: 2 - 2.7 meters.
  • Output relay: 28V DC 150mA ( NC or NO via jumper )
  • Temperature range: -10C - +50C.

Adjustable reaction time: 0.2m - 3.5m/sec (set via potentiometer)

The device measures

  • H 94 x W 116 x D 35 mm.

Spacers are included so that the detector can see past any wooden frame.

Technician manual

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