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Model: 21000141
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Curved mirror with built-in camera. Perfect for monitoring a shop, a screened-off corner or a remote corridor.

Secure your store with this discreet surveillance solution that enables you to monitor your store and document any criminal events.

The curved mirror with built-in camera gives you the ability to manually monitor your store or monitor a screened-off corner or remote corridor.

The mirror is connected to a DVR recorder or a monitor.


  • Image sensor: Sony color CCD
  • Resolution: 420 TVL
  • 4 mm. lens.
  • Auto Gain Control

The camera requires a 12VDC 110mA power supply. The power supply is not included, but can be purchased separately.


  • Mirror: D 60 x Ø216 mm
  • Dimensions from wall to outside: 135 mm (Installed in our showroom)

Manual (UK)

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