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Model: 60000170
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GSM control unit with 7 inputs and 4 outputs, up to 16 administrators and 400 users. Supplied as a print for installation without Dallas reader. Use our smart, free app for remote control with your Android/iPhone mobile phone.

GSM control unit for installation. The GSM module has many different applications. In the following, we will describe some of the possibilities. Feel free to contact us if you are considering the module for a setup or function not listed here, or if you need additional information.


The GSM module can, among other things, used for:

  • alarms in connection with too high/low water level in e.g. a well or cellar
  • open/close gate or electronic door lock via SMS, call or app.
  • burglar alarm
  • heating/cooling control - switch heating or air conditioning/air conditioning on/off via SMS, call or app.
  • Voltage monitoring - alarms in case of 230VAC failure or low battery.


  • 7 programmable inputs
  • 1 input for switching on/off the system via switch or Dallas chip
  • 1 temperature sensor input
  • 4 programmable 1500 mA transistor outputs.

The module can be programmed via free, included software for PC, or via SMS.

Number of administrators and users

Up to 16 administrator phone numbers can be encoded. The 16 will be able to receive text messages or calls from the device.

Up to 400 users can open/close, for example, a gate or an electronic door lock with a free short call (no conversation) or they can enable/disable the module using the Dallas chip. (Reader for Dallas chip (item no. 2000.1604) and Dallas chip (item no. 22008125) is not included, but can be purchased separately).

Note : only the first 50 users are named, the other 350 are anonymous.


a key that e.g. is called FA 01 must be entered: 2E948D090000

Additional purchases

Remember to purchase an antenna, power supply and possibly a box to have the equipment in. See the "we also recommend" box below.

The device measures

Print: H 60 x W 84 x D 32 mm

Print with GSM antenna connector: H 66 x W 84 x D 32 mm.

NOTE: OiSTER card does not work for the product

Instructional video

We have made some instructional videos where we show different functions, such as how to encode or delete tokens/keys etc.

We have also created a manual for how to use the various apps. You will find the manuals here:

Android iPhone iPhone 1

Manuals and software


Software manual

GSM software (version Sep 2016)

Installation of 230VAC relay on the transmitter

GSM temperature probe calibration spreadsheet

youtube.gifSee how the spreadsheet is used

IOS app for the product

See also our introductory video, where we talk about and show the GSM module.

Software link to the new version 2

Manual for version 2

Data sheet version 2

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