GSM remote control for door or gate control

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Model: 60000420
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GSM remote control of door or gate, 20 users via free calls. 1 administrator phone number. This number will receive an alarm SMS message.

NOTE: only 1 piece. back in stock and it will be discontinued.

(However, can be obtained at home for larger quantities)

GSM remote control for controlling lights, doors or gates or as an independent alarm system.

Up to 20 users can call and activate output 1. Output 2 is activated by an unknown number. The outputs can function as timers or on/off for every other call if desired.

GSM antenna with magnetic base and 2.54 meter cable included.


GSM products solve many tasks. Output can act as timer or on/off for every other call if desired. This device can be used to:

  • Open gate/door - gate control.
  • Turn on or off a light or other electrical device.
  • Independent alarm system - the unit has 2 alarm inputs. Alarm message Alarm1! or Alarm2! sent on alarm.

Number of administrators and users

It is possible to have up to:

  • 1 administrator phone number. This number will receive an SMS alarm message.
  • 20 users with access via phone call for selected relay function.
  • Anyone with an omitted number can activate issue 2 when calling.

Easy to program via SMS

All programming takes place via SMS in a simple function table. Special knowledge of programming or engineering is not necessary. SMS programming is easy and straightforward if you take one at a time.

We offer programming help if you don't want to do it yourself. Programming assistance must be ordered via email.

If you just want it to send an SMS when an input is activated, you must send the following:

  • PWD=1111#REPORT=+45(recipient for sms)#
  • (always remember capital letters when programming)
  • Dimensions: H 72 x W 100 x D 32 mm.
  • Remember when adding that you now use +45, see e.g. below:
  • PWD=1111#TEL=+45XXXXXXXX#
  • To call from an unknown mobile number, key: #31#XXXXXXXX (X=sim card when you call)
  • If calling from a landline number, dial: *31*XXXXXXXX (X=SIM card number you are calling)

Manual (DK)

Watch a video about the product here

Demonstration af dør åbning

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