GSM intercom with 2 call buttons and guest list

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Model: 26008007
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GSM intercom with 2 direct call buttons and guest list. SMS programming and software setup. Access control with guest list of up to 100 users. Operating voltage 12-24V AC/DC


Never again will your guests go in vain. Answer calls from the door phone anywhere and anytime. Or give 100 people access to be able to open the port for e.g. a parking garage.

GSM based intercom that can be used as an intercom/intercom at a door or entrance and access control at a gate or barrier.

Intercom/door phone

  • GSM unit with 2 direct call buttons for 1 or 2 apartments/housings.
  • 2 telephone numbers can be encoded for each call button (one primary and one secondary).

Access control/intercom

The device can have a guest list that can contain up to 100 tracks. These 100 numbers can open e.g. a port via call. The 100 numbers on the guest list are called without a call charge.


  • SMS programming and software setup.
  • Operating voltage 12-24V AC/DC
  • Dimensions: H16.5, W12.3 D4.0 cm

Technical review of the product

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Manufacturer's Information Video (UK)

Manual (UK)

Manual ( 2014)

Brochure (DK)

Firmware (December 2016), fixes the guest list issue

Configurator V3 - must replace the old one on the removable drive

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