GSM intercom system with control box

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Model: 26008002
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GSM intercom system with up to 3 administrator numbers, 1000 user numbers, 1 output relay for ON/OFF or timer. Outdated product

GSM intercom system with control box. 7dbi GSM antenna is included.

  • 3 administrator numbers.
  • 1000 user numbers.
  • 1 output relay for ON/OFF or timer.


When the button is pressed, the system calls the first administrator number. If the call is not answered within 5 calls, the call will be forwarded to another administrator. If this does not answer either, now also call the third administrator number.

When one of the numbers is answered, you have the opportunity to talk to the guest and open the door.

  • The talk time can be set to 59 sec, 110 sec or unlimited talk time. On delivery, the talk time is set to 59 seconds.
  • Unlocking time on relay can be set from 2-9 seconds. Upon delivery, the activation time is set to 1 second.

New model April 2013. Dimensions of the box: H 16 x W 10.2 x D 4.7 cm.

Power supply not included. We therefore recommend that you also order one of the following power supplies listed in the "We also recommend" box below.


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