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Model: 60003000
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Multi-channel GSM wireless intercom with access control. Can call 333 apartments with 3 user numbers each. Access control system with up to 999 users, where everyone has a 4-digit code.

Discontinued product - see GSM unit to replace old fixed line (item no. 6000.0305)

Multi-channel GSM intercom with access control with many applications.

  • Intercom for buildings with up to 333 apartments. Each apartment can have up to 3 telephone numbers.
  • Access control with wireless intercom - use for e.g. the entrance to a parking lot
  • Wireless intercom with programmable access control keyboard - use for e.g. apartments or hotels
  • Access control system for up to 999 users. Users have a personal 4-digit code with which they can open the door.
  • Keyless access - use e.g. at companies or factories.

Used as a door phone/intercom system

Visitors must make a call to the apartment they wish to visit. This is done by pressing the apartment number and then the # key.

The system will then call the telephone number of the selected apartment. The resident of the selected apartment can answer the call and talk to the visitor and open the door/gate for the visitor by pressing the # key on that person's phone.

The system will automatically hang up if the call is not answered by the owner and will instead try the second and third additional phone numbers that have been coded into the system for this apartment. System will announce "no answer try again later" to the waiting visitor should the call not be answered on any of the encoded phone numbers.

Used as access control

The system allows up to 999 users of the building to open the gate with their mobile phone from any distance, with no range limits and no cost for a call to them. The system also enables users to open the door/gate with a 4-digit pin code via the metal keypad on the door station.


  • The box is made of stainless steel
  • Robust anti-vandal and waterproof device for outdoor use.
  • Up to 999 users - everyone can have a personal code for the door
  • For buildings with up to 333 apartments - 3 telephone numbers per apartment.
  • No limit and no cost on calls to open the door or gate with mobile phones
  • Blue LED lighting of the front/keyboard, which makes the keyboard easy to see and operate after dark.
  • Operating voltage: 12V - 24V AC/DC


  • Easy installation - only four wires
  • Wireless programming via telephone or physically on site via the keyboard.
  • Talking system enables easy programming

Additional purchases

This unit requires min. a 12V 1.2A power supply. The power supply is not included, but can be purchased separately.

The device requires a SIM card to be used to make calls to the device. All GSM SIM cards can be used. Must be purchased from the telecommunications company.

The device measures

  • H 195 x W 100 x D 53 mm.

Programming guide

The intercom is on display in our showroom. Stop by and see it with your own eyes.

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