GSM control w/temperature control -SimPal T3

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Model: 60000190
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GSM control with one input and two relay outputs and temperature sensor. Operation via app or SMS.

GSM control with 1 input and 2 outputs, including a temperature sensor (2 meter cable).

You can operate it either via app or SMS.

Can also control the outputs via call - 11 users.

It can be used as a high/low temperature alarm

It can control heat or cold - electric heating or air conditioning.

It can send an SMS and/or call the master when the input is activated.

Text on entry is optional (#30#text#)

Output/s can be activated via input for X seconds.

You can control door opening hours/Christmas tree lighting or other using schedules.

Dimensions of print: L10.5 x W8.4 x H2.5cm

The box that fits the print can be found here.

Additional accessories

  • SIM card
  • Power supply
  • Possibly extra reinforced antenna
  • Possible box
  • Optional thermostat with 3m cable


User Manual


iPhone 1


See how the GSM transmitter is reset


To switch the master to another number:


(from original master)


#14#new 8-digit number without 0045#


then it works.


To reset the relay (deactivate - activate).


as a master, you must dial #01#3#


as a guest: #01#3#1234# ( default password )


With Automatic temperature control of the relays, you must first switch off automatic control before you can switch it on/off directly via SMS

IMPORTANT: GSM Signal must be at min. 12 and can be a maximum of 31.


To allow all calls, the following code must be sent to the device:



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