4 Channel RF receiver

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Model: 26000982
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Wireless remote control, receiver with 4 relays. Max. 125 remote controls.
Note: 230VAC must not be connected directly to the relays.

Wireless remote control, receiver with 4 relays.

Pulse function & ON/OFF function as selection on each button. 12-24VDC installation free choice 125 remote controls can be used as pulse or OFF/ON

Remember to delete the receiver before use (button on the right for at least 10 seconds)
A total of 500 buttons can be operated so a total of 125 remote controls can activate each of the 4 relays.

You can choose which buttons activate which output and which function (pulse or on/off), that way you can actually get e.g. all 4 buttons to pull the same output. It is very rare that you can get so much flexibility so simply and cheaply.

If you use an adapter from some other equipment - which does not have an indication for plus and minus that says + and - on the print, you just have to change the wires to make the receiver work.

Remember in autumn 2015 there was a new version that requires you to hold the button down for 1 second. before the output is activated, The output is kept active as long as the button is held down.

Remember to always delete the recipient by pressing for more than 8 seconds. on the button to the right, so the test program is deleted. If this is not done, the receiver can stand and react to arbitrary remote controls.

New remote controls are coded by pressing the remote control button (each button must be coded), take a screw driver and press the code button at the top left.

(1 push - relay 1 pulse, 2 push - relay 2 pulse, 3 push - relay 3 pulse, 4 push - relay 4 pulse, 5 push - relay 1 on/off, 6 push - relay 2 on/off, 7 push - relay 3 on/off, 8 taps - relay 4 on/off)

And hold the remote control button down until the relay pulls, then you can release the button.


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