Electric Cabinet Drawer Lock 24VDC

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Model: 28000462
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A 24VDC surface mount electromagnetic lock suitable for drawers and cupboards. It is locked without power.


Specifications :


The latch is 12 mm in length with a travel of 10 mm.


The unit measures: L 72 x W 56 x H 13.8 mm.


Voltage: 24VDC +/- 10%


Consumption: 800mA ( 24 volts - at 12 volts 1500mA )


Temperature range -20 to +60ºC


Can also be obtained for 12 volt activation.




Note - Only suitable for impulse activation 1-10 seconds (must not be kept activated for longer).


3D drawing of the lock, file type obj (right click save link as...)






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