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DVR records with 8 channels and HDMI output, Full HD/1080P 120 images per second. Space for 4 SATA hard drives in the DVR recorder and it has 1 slot for DVD, 8 inputs, 4 relay outputs, 8 microphone inputs and 1 audio output.

Professional digital hard disk recorder with 8 channels (HD-SDI) and 2 monitor outputs (VGA and HDMI).

Recording: Full HD/HD-SDI - 120 frames per second at 1080p.

There is room for 4 SATA hard drives in the DVR recorder.

In addition, the recorder has:

  • 1 slot for DVD
  • 8 entrances
  • 4 relay outputs
  • 8 microphone inputs
  • 1 audio output

Power supply: 12V x 5A DC (supplied)

Easy to install

The HD-SDI camera and DVR recorder must be connected with coaxial cable. The recorder is connected to the household's network via a regular network connector and can also be connected to a monitor via a VGA cable or HDMI cable. If coaxial cable has already been installed in connection with a previous monitoring system, this can be reused. Alternatively, coaxial cable can also be purchased here on the site.

See what's happening - while you're away

Should the surveillance camera register activity, an email is sent to the user, who then has the option of viewing the images via MMS (Mobile Viewer Software) on their smart phone or tablet. The app is called MobileViewerPro for iPhone or MobileViewer2 for Android. Both are made by Kimslab.

By connecting the DVR recorder to the household's network, you can see live images from the monitored area or stream previous recordings (playback) via a website linked to the recorder in question. The website can be accessed from any computer with internet access and requires personal login. The router must be configured to be able to monitor via the Internet.

The device measures: 420 x 428 x 88 mm

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