DVR records with 8 channels AHD

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Model: 21000418
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8-channel DVR recorder for analogue and AHD cameras

This recorder can record in HD quality if the camera is of the AHD standard, but can also record analogue cameras in up to 960H quality.

AHD does not have the same problems with cable length as SDI - which is typically 80 meters, so AHD has the option of cable runs of up to 500 meters. AHD can record in HD quality (720p), which is 1280 x 720 pixels.

Camera for AHD costs considerably less than SDI and ordinary ethernet camera.

Link to App for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Link to App for Android (mobile or tablet)

We have since replaced this 8 channel with either a 4 channel or a 16 channel recorder, the 8 channel only had an English menu - and the other two have a Danish menu.

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