DVR hybrid recorder with 16 channels H960

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Model: 21000415
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Discontinued DVR hybrid recorder, which is no longer listed in the Svane Electronics webshop. Manuals, guides and information are still available. Call 70 25 30 10 and hear more about what we can offer instead.

Digital video recorder with 16 camera inputs.

The resolution of each camera is 960 x 576 pixels. It can record in real time, i.e. 25 frames per second - on all channels (400fps in total). You can access it via hdmi monitor / TV, PC / MAC, app for iOS and Android. There is an HDMI and VGA output. There are microphone inputs for all cameras.

There are alarm inputs for all channels. RS485 output for PTZ camera. The hard disks can be up to 3Tb in size (sata), there is room for 2 disks in the DVR.

WIFI (USB connector not included) or LAN. Danish language. CMS software (multiple locations - same screen). H.264 compression of recordings (better than mpeg4).

This recorder is a hybrid that can record both from regular analogue cameras and IP cameras (Onvif >2.0). Up to 2 megapixels. Size 350*290*45mm

CD with instructions etc.

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