Current limit 3A 0-36V

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Model: 41000266
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Voltage and current regulation print, set output max. voltage and current and save.

With this print, you can supply your LEDs or others where a supply with a current limiter is needed.

Module parameters

Module Type: B3603 CNC DC-DC Digital Step Down Buck Module Constant Voltage Current;

Input voltage: Limits 6V - 40V

Volts out: 0-36V;

Input current: Limited 3A, if it exceeds 2 amps, an additional heatsink is recommended.

The convert

Output ripple: less than <50mV

Short circuit protection: Output current limitation protection, self-oscillation;

The printed circuit board is not protected against reverse polarity:

Module input: Connection via terminal input or output power very user-friendly

Dimensions: 66*50*21mm (L*W*H) Fixed screw: 3.0mm *4 holes, center distance plate edge 3.5 mm

Utilization rate: 92%

Manual (English).

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