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Model: 20001615
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Waterproof code keyboard, narrow model, with built-in proximity reader, 5 cm. reading distance. Up to 1000 users. Optional password length of 2-6 digits. Can also use cards or pieces.

Combined proximity reader and code keyboard with push buttons. The keyboard is equipped with a blue background light and key sound.


Narrow model that is ideal for mounting on door frames or places where there is a shortage of space for the wider models. The code keypad is waterproof (IP 65) and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.


Up to 1000 users on relay 1 - green LED.
Up to 10 users on relay 2 - red LED.

Access via card/tag or code

Relay 1 and 2 can be programmed for the following 3 types of access:

  • Only access with card/tag
  • Access with card/tag or personal code
  • Access with both card/tag and personal code (combined access)

The code keyboard can be entered with a code of any length between 2-6 digits. As standard, you can choose to use a code or card/chip. If you choose to use combined access, all users will have to use both code and card/chip to gain access.

The device registers cards and chips at a reading distance of up to approx. 5 cm.

Can operate as ON/OFF or timer

ON/OFF: you have to read the card/tag or enter the code to open the door, and then read the card/tag or enter the code again to lock the door.

Timer: The lock's activation time can be programmed to 1-99 seconds, after which the door locks automatically.


Size: H 152 x W 44 x D 24 mm.

The cable coming from the keyboard is grey, 90cm. long and contains 12 conductors.

Contact set max consumption 2A / 48V

Relay function: ON/OFF and 1-99sec.

Voltage 12-24V DC/AC

Consumption min/max. : 80/110mA

Reading distance: approx. 5 cm.

Reader type: 125Khz

Users : 1000 (relay1) / 10 (relay2)

Expression : for both relays


Instructional video

See our other videos - playlist from youtube

Watch our instructional video where we present the code keyboard and show how to encode and delete chips or codes under relay 1.

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