Bolt lock 12V Locked with power YB-200LED

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Bolt lock 12V Locked with power, YB-200(LED)

Bolt lock 12V Locked with power, YB-200(LED)

You can connect the orange wire to Gnd (minus) to unlock, via jumpers on the side of the lock the time delay - from the door is closed to - until the lock locks, can be set to 0,3,6,9 sec.

Consumption at rest 150mA (locked), during unlocking the lock uses 850mA.

The white and green wire is the feedback that will be connected when the door is closed (note the switch set can only be loaded with a few mA).

Hole size in frame H140xW27xD36mm

Front plate lock H190xW30xD3mm

Plate in door H95xW25xD3mm

Wire colors:


Black=Gnd -

Orange=expression (connects to minus)

Green/White=feedback 8 mm tolerance on reed switch

The lock can hold 800Kg

Bolt size is 16x16mm

Expected lifetime = ½ mile. activations


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