Bolt lock, 12V, locked with power

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Bolt lock - the lock switches off when the power is interrupted. Ideal for e.g. fire doors. The unit measures: L 205 x W 30 x D 38 mm. Discontinued product - Replacement 2800.0112.

Discontinued product - see bolt lock, 12VDC, locked with power - narrow model (item no. 2800.0112)

Bolt lock for mounting in the door frame. This bolt lock can be installed horizontally or vertically in solid and hollow doors.

The lock will be unlocked as long as there is no power to the system and it is therefore ideal for fire doors, but can also be used for doors where there must be free access during the day, e.g. shop premises or office.

The lock can be set via an access control system such as the SSI 3000 so that the door remains unlocked for a selected period of time. Alternatively, the door will lock 6 seconds after the door is closed. If you want to open the door, the lock must be switched off via the access control system, the code keypad or the expression button.

If you use our code keyboard (item no. 2000.1615), you can either open the door via a code and the door will lock 6 seconds after it is closed, or you can enter another code, after which the door will be unlocked until you lock it again.

Upon installation, the lock can be set to have a timed delayed locking of 3, 6 or 9 seconds. No delay has been set for delivery.

The lock requires a 12VDC power supply.


  • Impulse: 900 mA.
  • Constant: 150 mA.

The device measures

  • Lock body: L 205 x W 30 x D 38 mm.
  • Knit plate: L 100 x W 25 x D 3 mm
  • Bolt: L 16 mm, ø 16 mm

Installation guide

  • Red: + 12 V DC
  • Brown: - (minus)
  • White: COM
  • Green: NC (normally closed)
  • Orange: Open (push button)

Instructions and specifications (English)

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