AHD DVR records with 8 channels

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Model: 21000420
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DVR recorder (1080p) with 8 channels AHD

If you have an AHD DVR, you can freely choose to connect an AHD camera or a regular analogue camera. Therefore, it is particularly attractive for older installations that wish to use the existing cameras or upgrade/expand with the new AHD cameras, which can deliver recordings in HD quality.

Compared to a network-based camera solution, AHD is very quick to install. No cumbersome setup and network traffic.

You can connect a camera up to 300-500 meters and still get full image quality. For a network or SDI camera, the maximum cable length is typically 80 m.

AHD recorder supports P2P/Cloud, which means that you can connect to your DVR recorder via your tablet/mobile phone (Android or iOS) without router setup.

In other words, a product that is easy to install, maintain and expand.

Link to App for iOS (iphone and ipad)

Link to App for Android (mobile or tablet)

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