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Model: 21000201
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Camera, IR, color, 2.8-12 mm. lens and 5 x 72 IR LED, range 60 meters. Image quality: 720p HD camera.

HD camera IR - color camera in daylight - black and white recordings at night. The camera has a hood that protects the lens from wind and weather, making the camera ideal for outdoor use.

Connection to DVR recorder or monitor

The camera has an analogue output and can therefore be used for old DVRs (HD compatible) and the newer 5mp XVR recorders.

When connected to a DVR recorder, the recordings are saved on a hard drive. If the DVR recorder is connected to the household network, you can view the recordings via a website or via your mobile phone.

Via an AHD to HDMI converter, you can connect the camera to a television with an HDMI input and thereby watch HD quality. If the camera is connected to a television/HD monitor, the camera's recording is played directly on the screen.


  • 1/3" Panasonic 1 megapixel CMOS image sensor
  • Resolution: HD/720P, 30 frames per second
  • 2.8-12 mm. manual lens.
  • 5x72 IR LED, range 60 meters
  • Light sensitivity: 1 Lux (colour) and 0.5 Lux (black and white)
  • OSD menu via joystick on cable
  • WDR function
  • ACCE (Adaptive Color & Contrast Enhancement)
  • AGC (Auto Gain Control)
  • Power supply: It must be supplied with 12VDC (+/-10%) and has a consumption of 850mA when the IR diodes are on.


  • H 125 x W 315 x D 120 mm.
  • Weight: 1.7 kg.
  • Colour: dark grey

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