Acoustic glass break detector

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Model: 20009419
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Glass break sensor with advanced microprocessor technology. Used in wired alarm systems.

Acoustic glass break detector - uses advanced analysis technology to detect both high-frequency and low-frequency sounds from broken glass.

The sensor has a detection range of approx. 9 meters. The range of the sensor depends partly on the angle at which it is placed in relation to the glass surface, but also on the type and thickness of the glass. It is set so that it will not trigger an alarm in connection with e.g. a glass dropped on the floor.

The device has an LED indicator which shows the status of the sensor. It also has a vandalism protection so that it cannot be immediately dismantled without triggering the alarm.

The sensor requires a 9.3-16V DC power supply.

The device measures

  • H 90 x W 90 x D 22 mm.

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