Power supply 12V 8A

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Model: 41000227
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Power supply 13.8VDC 8.0A module with connection of battery backup, up to 7.2A battery.

Power supply 13.8VDC 8.0A module with the possibility of connecting battery backup, up to 7.2A battery. Variable output voltage: 12V (11.3 - 14.9V)

This power supply is protected against overcharging, as it has a maximum charging current of 0.5A.

After a power failure, the battery will continue to supply the external devices until the voltage reaches 9.5V. At a voltage of 9.5V, the battery will be disconnected to avoid damage to the battery. When the power returns, the battery is switched on again.

The power supply is short-circuit protected. Battery cables red and black with spade plug included.

Screw terminal

  • 1 AC phase
  • 2 AC neutral
  • 3 Ground connection
  • 40VDC
  • 5 12VDC

LEDs on additional print

  • Red: Connect 230VAC
  • Green: 12V output
  • White: Battery charging


Black: Restart battery

The device measures

  • H 98 x W 160 x 38 mm.


Data sheet

The video deals with the little brother, but has the same LED module.

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