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Wireless key pad 868Mhz
  • Wireless key pad 868Mhz

Wireless key pad 868Mhz

Wireless dual-way key pad for FC-300 PLUS / SSI300 / SSI400 alarms.



The previous model:

This wireless key pad allows you to arm or disarm your security system as well as check system status.

It has a large LCD display, which makes it easy to read.

If the unit is ever removed or tampered with the two-way wireless communication between keypad and control panel will alert you that something is wrong. It also has built-in security against false pin-input - limited to 5 consecutive incorrect entries.

Included in the packaging is mounting brackets and 4 AAA batteries.

H 124 x W 75 x D 27 mm. / 4.88 x 2.95 x 1.06 in.

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Wireless 868Mhz