GSM control module 800 users
  • GSM control module 800 users

GSM control module 800 users

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GSM control module with digital and analogue inputs/outputs 800 users, This GSM control module has many applications for security, automation and access control. The unit is equipped with 4 analogue inputs, 4 analogue outputs, 2 programmable I/O and 3 programmable digital I/O. It allows for the creation of up to 800 users. The circuit board is ready to be built-in. Power supply is not included. Use our user free Android/iPhone app for remote control.

Contact us for alternativ 
Phone: 70 25 30 10


Contact us for alternativ 
Phone: 70 25 30 10

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Device applications

  • alert via sms message in connection with the high / low water level in. a well or basement
  • open / close door or electronic door lock via SMS, call or app
  • burglar alarm - receive sms message or listen in via mikrophone
  • Heating and cooling system control - turn on/off heating or air conditioning via SMS, call or app
  • System voltage monitoring - If power supply voltage drops below the predefined value, a user automatically will be notified via SMS.

The module can be programmed via PC by using the supplied standard USB cable and the free supplied software or via sending SMS.




  • Quad band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz).
  • Send and receive
  • Dial out and receive calls.
  • Data transfer via GPRS network.

Outputs (PGM)

  • Out1 max current (-V): 1000mA.
  • Out2 max current (-V): 1000mA.
  • Out3 max current (-V): 1000mA.
  • Out4 max current (-V): 1000mA.

IN1 – IN4 inputs:

  • SMS for input alarm and restore.
  • Control up to 32 sensors.
  • Programmable enabling and disabling.
  • Alarm zone input type NC/NO/EOL +TAMPER 2,2K.
  • 5,1K pull-up resistor.
  • Algorithm for zone operation, delay, interior, instant, 24-hour, silent and fire.
  • Response
  • Analogue sensor control.

Input/Outputs I/O1 – I/O2:

  • Programmable input or output.
  • Alarmzone input type NC/NO/EOL +TAMPER 2,2K.
  • Analogue 0-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA.
  • Analogue sensor control.

Digital I/O D1-D3:

  • Programmable digital input or output.
  • Max voltage 3,3VDC.
  • Dallas 1-wire bus, DS18b20, DS1990A.
  • Aosong 1-wire bus humidity sensor AM2302, DHT22, AM2305, AM2306, AM2320 and AM2321.
  • Wiegand interface DATA0/DATA1, RFID reader and keypad.
  • Bus length total from 10 to 100m.


Module control:

Arming/disarming of the system:

  • Key switch input level or pulse mode.
  • SMS-message 800 users.
  • Short call dialing 800 users.
  • Maxim-Dallas i-button key (ibutton DS1990A-64bit ID) 800 users.
  • Wiegand keypad code or RFID keycard/fob 800 users.

3,3V output for external modules:

  • Voltage 3,3VDC.
  • Max current 100mA.

Bus expansion:

  • Voltage 8-15VDC.
  • Max current 20mA.

Automatic periodical test:

  • SMS message from 1 to 99 days and nights.
  • Periodic messages from 1 til 99999 minutes.

Power supply:

  • Voltage 8 – 15VDC.
  • Nominal voltage 12,6VDC.
  • AC ripple voltage max 100mV.

Current consumption:

  • Standby – less than 50mA.
  • Operation – less than 300mA.

Event log

  • Log up to 2048 events.

Environmental parameters:

  • Storage temperature from -40° C to +85°C.
  • Operational temperature from -30°C to 75°C.
  • Max relative humidity under +40°C 95%.


  • 86x66x18mm


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