Keypad w/Mifare reader, alu
  • Keypad w/Mifare reader, alu

Keypad w/Mifare reader, alu

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Keypad with Mifare reader in aluminum.

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Combined Mifare reader and keypad with buttons. The keypad is equipped with white backlight and key tone.


Robust model in aluminum, the keypad is waterproof (IP 65) and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.


  • Up to 1000 users on relay 1 - green LED.
  • Up to 10 users on the relay 2 - red LED.

Access via card / fob or code

Relay 1 and 2 can be programmed for the following three forms of access:

  • Only access with card / tag
  • Access with card / fob or personal code
  • Access to both card / fob and personal code (combined access)

The keypad can be programmed with code optional length of between 2-6 digits. By default, you can choose to use the code or card / fob. If you choose to use combined access, then all users should use both code and card / fob for access.

The device keeps track of the cards and tags in a read distance of up to approximately 5-10 cm.

Can run as ON / OFF or hours

ON / OFF: you must read the card / fob or enter the code to open the door, and then read the card / fob or enter the code to unlock the door.

Hours: Lock activation time can be programmed for 1-99 seconds, then the door locks automatically.


H 123 x W 78 x D 19 mm.

Operating temperature: -20 to 50 C

Supply: 12-24VDC

Consumption: 80-100mA

Color: Silver


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