Relay 230VAC DIN-rail mounting
  • Relay 230VAC DIN-rail mounting

Relay 230VAC DIN-rail mounting

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The relay is activated with 230VAC and has a 16 amp contacts.

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This relay can for instance be used for letting a GSM product know that a land line is down. That way you can via the contact set get a call or SMS, about power failure.

The coil is placed on the terminals called COIL.

The relay (1 contact set) is composed of C, NC and NO. So if it must be connected to an alarm, use the terminals C and NC and if it e.g. is for lights, it must be C and the NO.

The relay is energized, so if for example it is set up to give +12 volts on NO, you must connect terminal C to +12 volts.

  • The coil is for 230VAC
  • The contact set has a capacity of 16 amps and 230VAC

Data sheet

Working voltage
230V AC

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