GSM Intercom and access control unit
  • GSM Intercom and access control unit
  • GSM Intercom and access control unit

GSM Intercom and access control unit

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GSM intercom with two direct dialing buttons and guest list. SMS programming and software setup. Access the guest list of up to 100 users. Operating voltage 12-24V AC / DC

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Wireless intercom with 2 pushbutton (for 1 or 2 apartments).

The unit calls the owner's mobile or landline phone.


  • Wireless intercom with 2 pushbuttons (for 1 or 2 apartments)
  • 2 phone numbers can be assigned to each pushbutton (set as primary and secondary)
  • Gate control function by free call, 100 user phone numbers can be configured.
  • Direct control for electric lock, can be controlled during the conversation using the phone's keys
  • The output can be controlled by the contact input
  • SMS forwarding (e.g. to forward the balance information of pre-pay SIM card
  • Configuring via USB using the PC software found in the intercom unit
  • Remote configuring by SMS.

Power supply: 14V-24V DC or AC.

Protection: IP54

The unit does not need any special installation or complicated wiring, it needs power only and an active SIM card.



Specific References

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26008006 - Manual (UK).pdf 838.9 KB
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26008007 - Configurator V3 - skal erstatte den gamle på det flytbare 615.76 KB
26008007 - Manual (2014).pdf 419.88 KB
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26008007 - Firmware (december 2016), løser gæsteliste 50.59 KB
26008007 - Manual (UK).pdf 834.85 KB
26008007 - Manual.pdf 834.85 KB

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