GSM intercom and access control
  • GSM intercom and access control
  • GSM intercom and access control

GSM intercom and access control

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GSM intercom and access control. Guest list -up to 4 users can call the unit and open gate via call from their mobile phone. Can also be used as intercom.


This is an intercom unit which as a cell phone can call the owner’s mobile or landline phone. By pressing the call button on the intercom, it makes the voice connection in a few seconds, just like when talking via a conventional intercom system. This way it makes it possible for the owner to receive the visitor’s calls and talk to them at anytime and anywhere, even when not at home.

The unit does not need internal handset, any special installation or complicated wiring, it needs power only and an active SIM card.

 1. Functions


 Listen-in mode

 Electric door lock control via DTMF codes

 Electric gate control by free call

 SMS forwarding

 Programming through SMS message

2. Features

GSM communication in full duplex mode

2 configurable phone number for communication

4 configurable phone numbers for electric gate control

1 relay output with independent N.O. contact, supports 1A@24V max. load

12V/1A voltage output with short circuit and overcurrent protection for electric lock control

Local control of the voltage output using a separate input

Supports prepaid SIM cards by forwarding the received balance information in SMS

3. Application area

Wireless intercom

Gate/door opener

Emergency call device



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