Intercom for 6 apartments
  • Intercom for 6 apartments
  • Intercom for 6 apartments

Intercom for 6 apartments

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Intercom color camera. Direct dialing buttons for 6 apartments and built-in proximity reader.

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Garage with 6 direct dialing buttons and nameplate at each button. Port The phone is also equipped with a color camera and 125khz proximity card reader.

Port Phones is for use in multi-storey buildings with up to six apartments.

It is a countersunk model for embedding in the wall by the front door / entrance. Port phone is placed in an accompanying box, so you can take it out and access to port back of the phone.

Residents access

Residents can open the front door by using cards or traditional key.

Guest access

Guests dials the rent equality by pressing the call button. After calling the apartment monitør or intercom and the resident can answer the call and talk to his guest and shut him in.

Programming of cards

Short programmed via the built-in proximity card reader and the supplied keyboard. The keyboard is connected to port phone via the connector on the back of the door phone. The keypad can be mounted on the wall or it can be connected to port the phone when there is a need for programming. Size keyboard: H 115 x W 75 x D 15 mm.


  • Garage with color camera, 6 direct dialing buttons and 125khz proximity card reader
  • Keyboard for programming card included.
  • Supply: 12-15VDC
  • Camera 1/3 "CCD
  • Resolution: 420TVL
  • Countersunk model
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: H 370 x W 145 x D 55 mm.

Manual (UK)


Specific References

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50000521 - Manual (UK).pdf 9.74 MB
50000521 - Vejledniing - programmering af kort.pdf 260.53 KB
50000521 - Vejledning til installation og udskiftning af navneskilt.pdf 6.25 MB
Vejledniing - programmering af k.pdf 260.77 KB