GSM burglar alarm - control panel
  • GSM burglar alarm - control panel
  • GSM burglar alarm - control panel

GSM burglar alarm - control panel

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GSM control panel - burglar alarm with 8 wired zones and the possibility to connect 32 wireless unites.

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Versatile alarm control panel with many set up options. The panel is suitable for use in both wired and wireless alarm systems. Furthermore, the alarm can be used in a system combining 8 wired zones and 32 wireless units. One zone could consists of one or more motion detectors and magnetic contacts on a door or window. We recommend installation of one motion detector per zone.

Operating the control panel:
The alarm is easy to install and operate as you are guided in english in connection with programming and operating the various functions. The message in connection with an alarm call or sms from the system is likewise in english.

The alarm can call and send sms to up to four encoded phone numbers/receivers (for eksampel different family members). The encoded numbers then recieve a phone call and a sms if the alarm goes off. The alarm can afterwards be disconnected via the phone. Furthermore you are able to call the system and get an status update while you are on the move.

The unit has built-in dialer for PSTN and GSM transmitter. This solution can thus be used in homes and workplaces with or without landline phone. Please note that you are able to control the system via our free app if you choose to use the built-in GSM transmitter.

A power supply and antenna is included with this unit.

It is possible to combine this control panel with sensors, magnetic contacts, GSM units and up to 8 remote controls. Naturally these items are found in this webshop. You will find them in the following categories in the menu on the left of the page.


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