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Pet immune motion detector
  • Pet immune motion detector
  • Pet immune motion detector

Pet immune motion detector

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Wired pet immune detector for animals up to 40 kg./90 lbs.

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The pet immune motion detektor registers moving body heat and reports it to the alarm control panel. It allows home owners to secure their home and still allowing pets to move freely anywhere in the house.

This detector has a selectable level of pet immunity with 2 settings:
1 : pets up to 25 kg./55 lbs.
2 : pets up to 40 kg./90 lbs.

The ideal place to install this detector is directly on the wall, up to 3 meters/10 ft. from the floor, in a corner of the room. Anywhere that is exposed to windows or a heat source e.g. a radiator or electronic devices, that generate heat when operated e.g. a fax machine is not suitable for installation as the heat can confuse the detector a trigger a false alarm.

The detection range of the sensor is L 15 x W 20 m./50 x 65 ft. and the horizontal field of view is 90 degrees, which makes is perfect for mounting in a corner.

The detector has a LED indicator, that shows if it detects movement. This indicator is easily turned on and off.

H 97 x B 62 x D 54 mm/3.8 x 2.44 x 2.16 in.

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