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GSM terminal with 3dB antenna
  • GSM terminal with 3dB antenna

GSM terminal with 3dB antenna

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White GSM terminal for replacement of existing landlines to alarms or phones. Special offer: Get quantity discount of 10% with every purchase of minimum 10 pcs.

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White GSM terminal for replacement of existing landline to alarms or phones. The terminal has 2 plugs for landline phones.

This GSM terminal is suitable for use in homes or summer recidents without landline installed or for places where one wishes to replace the existing landline with a GSM net based solution.

Voltage Field: 11-14V. A 12V 1.5A power supply and 3dB GSM antenna is supplied with the terminal.

If the terminal is to be installed e.g. in a home in an area where there is a large spread between the antennas and hence not the strongest signal, you can choose to buy a stronger GSM antenna of 7dB, (item 20000886). See "We Also Recommend" box below for more information in the 7 dB antenna.

SIM card
Before the device is connected to power and put into use, a standard SIM card must be plugged into the back of the unit. There should be no PIN code on the SIM card. Should it be the case, then the PIN request must be removed - this can be done via a mobile phone. If you are unsure about whether your SIM card has a PIN, you may insert the SIM card, connect a landline phone to the terminal, connect the power and then make a test call. When you lift the handset, you should hear a dial tone. This means the SIM card does not have a pin code and the terminal is working.

Placing the antenna and the unit
Place the GSM antenna and the unit as far apart as possible, in order to avoid GSM noise from the antenna.

17.5 x 13.0 x 3.2 cm. / 6.89 x 5.12 x 1.26 in.

Special offer
Get extra quantity discount of 10% with every purchase of minimum 10 pcs. The discount can not be seen on the website, but will be deducted on orders of min. 10 pcs.

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In connection with Alphatronic alarm: you can improve the chances of testing and calls in general by selecting SIA and not SIA HS.

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