Gas detector, wired
  • Gas detector, wired

Gas detector, wired

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Sensor for detection of gas leaks for alarm systems.


Effective gas detector for detection and alarm in case of gas leak. This is a wired unit which should be mounted on wall. The detector has 1 meter wire with Danish plug.

The detector is an independent unit and it cannot be connected to a wireless or wired alarm system.

The detector is programmed with a limit value for the amount of gas in the air. If this value is exceeded the detector sends a signal to the main alarm. At the same time the LED indicator will be lit and warning beeps will sound - 100dB internal buzzer.

With two indicators - one red for alarm and one green which shows that the detector is receiving power.
When unit is energized both indikators are lit for 3 minutes. The detector is not able to detect gas during these 3 minutes (warm-up time). 
After 3 minutes the red indikator will turn off while the green indikator remains lit. Now the unit is in standby mode and you will be able to test the unit.
Both red and green indikators lit in case of gas detection and alarm. 

The detector requires a 230 V DC 100 mA power supply.

Comes with a lighter for test of function.

H 134 x W 60 x D 35 mm. / 5.28 x 2.36 x 1.38 in.


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